Vine: Short Video Marketing

Six seconds. That’s all you get with Twitter’s new mobile video app – Vine. The six-second video concept fits perfectly with Twitter’s short and simplistic style. The videos that Vine allows users to create are similar to animated GIFs, as they play on a loop with no start, stop or pause button.

If you are thinking that your business doesn’t need a Vine account because you use other video sharing services like YouTube or Vimeo, you should look at some of the benefits that Vine has to offer.

Benefits of Vine

  • Easy to use.
  • Quick video creation.
  • Instantly upload to Facebook and Twitter.
  • Correlates with people’s short attention span.
  • Pushes creativity.

Though the app is fairly new, many marketers have started testing it out for themselves. Here are a few ways that your business could use Vine for creating marketing videos:

  • Demoing products.
  • Behind the scenes at the office.
  • Customers using your product.
  • Sneak peek of a new product.
  • Short clips to promote an upcoming event, seminar, speaker, etc.

As of now, Vine is only available on the iPhone and iPod touch, but according to Twitter, it should be available for other platforms soon.

Put your creativity to the test. You have six seconds. Ready? Go.

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