Twitter’s Cocktail Party – You’re Invited

Being the Social Media Coordinator at M3 Group,  I spend a good amount of time on various social media platforms. Of those platforms, the main chunk of my time is spent on Facebook and Twitter. While on these sites, I make an effort to pay attention to how other businesses are utilizing their pages. And what I’ve noticed is that most people have Facebook down, but could use a few tips on Twitter.

So, if you’ve heard this before, you’re about to hear it again. Treat Twitter like a cocktail party. Let me break it down for you in three simple ways.

Don’t Just Talk About Yourself

Have you ever been at a party talking to someone and the most common words that came out of their mouth were “I.” “my” and “me”? If you have, I’m sure you probably walked away from that conversation as soon as you found an excuse to do so.

Don’t let your Twitter page become “that guy” of the party. An easy way to avoid that mistake is to post links to relevant information that doesn’t lead to your website and mention (@) where the content came from.

Don’t avoid tweeting links back to your own website completely, just be sure to mix it up and let others know that you’re interested in more than just yourself.

Meet New People

There always seems to be a few unfamiliar faces at a party, so why not walk over and get to know them?

Twitter is continuously growing with new people/businesses. Some companies choose to follow very few (not even breaking single-digits few), whereas some profiles follow each and every one of their followers and more.

You should find a middle ground. It isn’t necessary to follow every account that is following you, but give them a chance. Check out who they are, when they last tweeted and what they tweet about. If they seem like a relevant and interesting account to follow, then by all means, follow them.

If you are having trouble deciding whom to follow, a good starting point is Twitter’s list of accounts that are similar to yours.

Engage With Others

Every party has a few wallflowers – don’t let that be you. Twitter is a social media network, so be social. You can do this in a few different ways:

  • Mention: Start a conversation by mentioning (@) an account(s) within your tweet.
  • Respond: If someone mentions you in a tweet, respond with an appropriate post.
  • Favorite: Though you my not have a response for the post, favoriting a tweet will give recognition to the poster that you enjoyed or found their tweet interesting.

These few tips should help you manage an account that will make you a favorite guest at the Twitter cocktail party.

If you have any questions about setting up an account or how your business can best use Twitter, give us a shout!

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