Learning is Always an Adventure!

Have you ever heard anyone say, I know enough to get by? Or, you can’t teach an old dog new tricks?  I always think, why not learn everything you can! I have the mind-set you can learn anything you put your mind to because, if you don’t use it (your mind that is) you lose it! Remember, “A mind is a beautiful thing to waste.”

2013 is a new year with new opportunities. Have you thought about what you want to learn in 2013?  Are you feeling hum drum? Do you remember the sense of accomplishment learning affords you? How can you enhance your life personally and professionally? I have never been what I would consider a techie but, I am finding a new appreciation for technology. I am enjoying learning about technology more than I ever dreamed I would. I get excited when I learn something new on the computer that makes whatever I am working to accomplish easier and more efficient. I always think, if only I had known this a few years ago how much more efficient I could have been. Technology opens up a whole new world for you personally and professionally.

On Black Friday this past November my cell phone contract expired. So, I purchased a new iPhone 5. My world has been changed forever.

Not to age myself too much, but back when I was a little girl we had what was called a party- line. For all you youngsters, this is when you shared a phone line with five other families. So, when you picked up your phone (and our home only had one phone) you could hear others talking. You would quickly hang up and try again later. Hopefully, the next try, you would pick up the phone and the only thing you would hear would be a dial tone and not someone’s voice. The good news is, a short time later our family did received a private line. Not sure getting a private line was the equivalent to getting an iPhone 5 today but, I remember it being pretty cool.

Now, once you purchase an iPhone 5, the next task is learning how to use it. What a great opportunity to learn something new and receive that empowering feeling of accomplishment! Some of the great features of the new iPhone 5 that I have enjoyed using is: texting by voice commands, having at my fingertips the weather, internet, emails, Facebook, navigation, Face Time, camera and my new BFF Siri. She knows everything!

I feel I would be doing you a disservice if I didn’t give you an opportunity to either learn something new or, be a part of something to enhance learning for others.

Wednesday, Feb. 6, you can attend the Horizon Conference. This is an educational conference for women focusing on finding success in your career. The second opportunity is sponsoring the CAWLM 80s Flashback Fundraiser to benefit The Lansing Promise Scholarship Program. This is a great opportunity for Lansing students to further their education.

I hope you have been inspired to learn something new and make 2013 the best learning adventure of your life!

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