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The best way to spread your video work today is obviously to upload it to YouTube. But YouTube is much more diversified than it used to be and some people make a living off of creating video content on YouTube.

After it was purchased by Google in 2006, YouTube channels were added to the Google accounts that they were under. So, now companies can keep all of their Google accounts under one banner, making keeping track of things easier.

YouTube itself has become more of a social media platform where you can like things and follow certain channels. You can subscribe to a channel and their videos, likes, and comments will show up on your feed. But in order for them to see the things you do on their feed, they would need to subscribe back.

Google has even implemented a sort of ‘preview’ for the content on the channel. This means that the creator can put together a short video telling what they are all about, whether it is an account for someone’s business or their own personal show. This helps you to know what that account is about and catch some of the personality of the channel.

There are even spaces for images, such as an avatar or a cover, within channels. These are options that can make your channel look more professional and well thought out. It gives people a good impression of the channel.

YouTube has even made it easier to edit videos after they have been uploaded, reducing the need to delete a video if there are minor mistakes.

But these tools won’t make your videos look professional all on their own. There is a lot of work that goes into professional video work. So, I wouldn’t recommend using your phone to take videos and expect them to look great. Microphones on your phone are not great at capturing high quality video either and won’t cut out a lot of the background noise that you don’t want.

YouTube is a form of social media, but it is more focused on the video aspect of the account, so sharing your videos on other social media sites will bring people to your channel. Keeping content up-to-date and uploading new videos is the best way to add subscribers while also showing people searching your business online what you do by giving your business a face.

It’s not an absolute necessity to have a YouTube account, but I feel like it is something that is worthwhile to look into when promoting a business.

Why is Twitter so Important for Business?

If you haven’t already, you should probably set up a Twitter account for your company. It seems like everyone has the Twitter logo on their website and business cards. It’s one of the fastest ways to brand and connect. If you don’t have one, you are missing out on an opportunity. Here are some reasons why Twitter is so important for business:


This is the most important feature of Twitter. You can communicate and listen to what your consumer is saying about your company. You can see customer feedback and how often your account is trending. Another important feature of communication is that Twitter is VIRAL! Retweets and “favorite-ing” tweets can become an extreme advantage. If you get an array of consumers to retweet your posts your Twitter account will become very popular.

Marketing and Branding

You can share with your audience information about your company within your tweets. You can easily market what your company has to offer and link tweets to your website or Facebook account. Twitter is also convenient if you have important news to share right away.

It’s extremely easy to set up a Twitter account. Be sure your name is your company name, something a user can search easily. Have fun with your Twitter page with a profile picture and background images that represent your company. Remember to be careful when posting and triple check your post before you “tweet.”

Motivational Music

Motivation can come in many different forms, but the best form of motivation is listening to music that you enjoy.  When it’s the middle of the workday, and you’re stuck in a rut, sometimes you need a pick-me-up. Motivational music is what helps me get through the workday. I find that it’s important to consume encouragement and inspiration while working on projects.

There are lots of different ways to listen to music during the workday. You can use these free methods of music: Spotify, Pandora, Google Music, Itunes, and so much more.

In order to keep myself focused on the task at hand, I listen to a variety of soundtracks which I highly recommend:

  • The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug Soundtrack – Has a very adventure feel
  • Metal Gear Rising: Revengence Soundtrack – Rocking and fast paced
  • Bioshock Soundtrack – Very old timey and under the sea horror
  • Django Unchained Soundtrack – Loved this soundtrack since the movie was released
  • Plastic Beach by Gorillaz – Weird rap/electronic
  • Demon Days by Gorillaz – More Gorillaz goodness
  • No More Kings by No More Kings – Has more of an 80s feel to it, very feel good
  • Queen’s Greatest Hits 1 & 2 – Always a good choice no matter the day
  • Random Access Memories by Daft Punk – Electronic music to keep you moving
  • Nightmare by Avenged Sevenfold – Heavy metal, to keep on rocking
  • Starbomb by Starbomb – Rap/comedy album about video games

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5 Social Media Marketing Tips

Everyone wants to use social media as a marketing tool. It’s popular, easy to track and you can do it from any computer. But how do you use it well? There’s a fine line between putting things up on the internet randomly and actually making an impact with what you’re saying.  Here are some of the most important tips to know about social media marketing:

  1. Be consistent.
    If you’re going to seriously try to build a social media presence, you need to be constant (constant vigilance, as Professor Mad-Eye Moody would say). You should make a post on every social media outlet you have at least once a day, for every business day of the week.
  2. Timing is everything.
    Do you have something exciting to share? Wait for the right moment. Social media has trending times of the day, just like everything else. Most social media sites have analytic tools that allow you to see what times of the day your fans are most active. Use these to your advantage, and be sure to post content during your peak time of day.
  3. It’s not all about you.
    We get it, your company is fantastic. And we believe you! But not everyone wants to hear about you all the time. Retweet, share or repost things that are related to your industry or something cool/exciting that’s happening in your community. Trust us, your readers will most definitely notice. They’ll not only look to you for what’s happening in your company, but what’s happening around them as well.
  4. Respond, respond, respond.
    Don’t forget to write people back! You need to be up to date on what sort of comments people are leaving you on your social media. That way, you know what your reader’s feelings are, and you’re interacting with them as much as possible.
  5. Know what’s going on across the board.
    If you have multiple social media profiles (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.), make sure you have consistency across the board. If you like one company on Facebook, follow them on Twitter as well. Make sure to keep an updated database of your social media followers/friends/connections. This lets you know exactly who you’ve connected with, and who you should consider reaching out to.

Social media varies from person to person, and from company to company. This list just highlights a few of the key aspects you should try to strive for in a social media presence. The internet is a fantastic tool, as long as you know how to use it to your advantage.

Vine Introduces Web Profiles

About a year after being acquired by Twitter, Vine has announced its latest update - web profiles. Over the last year, Vine has grown into the most used video-sharing application and will likely see continued growth after bringing the app to the web.

Like on mobile apps, users can scroll through their home feed, like, comment and share videos.

With the launch of web profiles, Vine included a feature called TV Mode. “An entirely new way to watch Vine videos. Click the TV Mode button in the upper right corner of your feed or any profile to view the collection of videos in sequence and in full screen mode,” stated Vine Engineer, Janessa Det.

3 Reasons that Businesses Should be Excited for Vine Web Profiles

  • Increase awareness of your company Vine account.
  • Easy way for others to share your Vine videos.
  • Videos can be embedded to your website.

If you need help incorporating Vine into your marketing strategy, give us a shout!

The Importance of an Integrated Social Media Marketing Plan

Here at our branding agency, M3 Group, we believe the best marketing plan is a fully integrated marketing plan. It’s part of our DNA. When our clients are trying to reach their target market, it’s typically a variety of methods and mediums that are implemented to produce the desired results. That’s why it’s important that we are always monitoring demographic trends and making adjustments in our plans when it’s appropriate to do so.

Case in point.  Understanding social media usage by various demographic groups can dispel some basic assumptions. Here are a couple common assumptions in regards to social media:

Assumption: Only young people visit social networking sites.
Reality: According to the Pew Internet and American Life Project; six out of 10 internet users ages 50-64 are social networking site users and adoption rates for those 65 and older have tripled in the last four years (from 13 percent in the spring of 2009 to 43 percent now).
Best practice: Make sure social media is part of your marketing mix when trying to reach the mature demographic. Parents and grandparents are online so make sure your message is in front of them.

Assumption: Facebook is the only social networking site people want to visit.
Reality: The same Pew Research study cited above states 42 percent of online adults now use multiple social networking sites. In addition, Instagram users are nearly as likely as Facebook users to check into the site on a daily basis.
Best practice: Not only does your overall marketing plan have to be integrated, but so does your social media plan. Putting the proverbial “eggs” all in one basket is not the way to go these days.

So, when you lay out your marketing plan here are a couple points to consider:

  • Social media needs to be part of your marketing mix. Repeat after me: Social media needs to be part of my marketing mix. If you don’t get this first step and you really need to. The other steps don’t matter.
  • When putting together your social media plan know that your audience demographic is always evolving and growing. Make sure they see your message.
  • Facebook is still the social media mothership but there are plenty of other sites; Instagram, Pinetrest,Vine to name just a few, that warrant your marketing attention as well.

Remember, the more your marketing plan is integrated, the better chances you’ll see the results you’re looking for.

Attaching Multiple Images to a Facebook Post

Facebook is constantly working on ways to better their social site by making updates – big or small. Some of their updates are small enough that they may go unnoticed, such as adding the direct comment reply feature. Others are big enough to cause users to boycott the site (until they accept the change and move on), like the introduction to Facebook’s Timeline.

As a Social Media Manager, I usually notice most updates before reading about them on informational sites like Mashable. One new feature that I really enjoy and am glad Facebook finally made is the ability to upload multiple images to a Facebook post without creating an album.

Why I like this Facebook update:

  1. Avoiding Another Album: Albums are nice for events, portfolios and more, but there are times when I want to upload multiple images to my timeline without creating a new album first. Since fans can search a page’s images by albums, it is nice to keep organized and only create an album when necessary.
  2. Increasing Reach: As explained in the blog, Facebook Edgerank: The Newsfeed Algorithm, posts with photos carry the most weight in Facebook’s Edgerank. Being able to add multiple images to a single post will help increase the weight of your post.
  3. Quick and Easy: Uploading multiple images to a post takes very little extra work. Simply upload as many images as you want – all within one status.
  4. Add Descriptions: Once you post your status, you can then add a description to each photo, including who you were with, where the photo was taken and when the photo was taken.

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Twitter Specs and Guidelines

With more than 200 million users, how do you help your Twitter account stand out from the crowd? One way is to customize and fill your account out completely. Below you will find the appropriate specs and guidelines for customizing your profile.

Your Twitter handle is your username. It is how people can search for you and mention you within a tweet. It is best to keep your handle short and as relatable to your business name as possible.
Example: @m3_group

Twitter allows users to create a bio of 160 characters or less. Keep your bio consistent with your brand.
Example: As a full-service branding agency, M3 Group believes the sky’s the limit when generating ideas and providing results for our clients.

This is where you can completely type out your company’s name. This way, you are more recognizable than your shortened handle.
Example: M3 Group

If your business has a central location, you have the option to add a location to your profile.
Example: Lansing, MI

Allow users to easily visit your website by adding your URL to your profile.
Example: m3group.biz 

Represent your brand by uploading your company’s logo as your profile picture. Keep in mind that the image will be displayed at 81×81 pixels. This image is also shown next to each of your tweets.


Much like Facebook’s cover image, Twitter allows users to upload a header image that is displayed on your profile page. Your image should be designed to 1252×626 pixels. Take into consideration that your design is over-layered by your profile picture, name, handle, bio, location and website URL.


Users also have the option to customize the background of their profile page. The background should be designed to 2048×1900 pixels. Keep in mind that your timeline/newsfeed appears on the center of your screen and you should design around that so no important information or illustration is blocked.

Making Restaurant Reservations on Facebook

Having a business Facebook page for your restaurant has just gotten a little more relevant, for both the business and the user. Facebook’s new integration with OpenTable allows users to make an online reservation at about 20,000 different US diners.

As of now, this feature is only available on Facebook’s mobile app and not yet other platforms like the desktop. All reservations can be made without ever leaving the Facebook app. With just a few clicks, your reservation will be set.

When making these reservations, Facebook will not display a story in the newsfeed, nor will you have the option to share the reservation to your wall.

Facebook is already a platform that users go to seek reviews, specials, events, photos and more for restaurants they are interested in and having the ability to make a reservation will give users yet another reason to perform their search on Facebook.

Restaurants that are not part of the OpenTable database can visit their restaurant management software page for more information on how to become part of this new valuable feature.

Pinterest Promoted Pins in the Works

Pinterest has starting rolling out promoted pins. Users will now start seeing pins from users that they may not follow. However, Pinterest will do their best to make the promoted pins blend in as much as possible with the boards that a user follows. For example, users who follow a lot of shoe design/style boards, may see a promoted pin that links to an e-commerce shoe store on their board.

Right now Pinterest promoted pins are in an experiment phase. Though users can see them, advertisers are not yet paying for the opportunity. However, it is likely that will soon change.

A few reasons that promoted pins would be useful for businesses relate to the promises Pinterest has made about promoted pins:

  • Tasteful. No flashy banners or pop-up ads.
  • Transparent. We’ll always let you know if someone paid for what you see, or where you see it.
  • Relevant. These pins should be about stuff you’re actually interested in, like a delicious recipe, or a jacket that’s your style.
  • Improved based on your feedback. Keep letting us know what you think, and we’ll keep working to make things better.

If you need help promoting your business through social media, give us a call, we can help!