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CAWLM and AT&T Donate to the Lansing Promise

Posted February 26, 2014, by

The Capital Area Women’s LifeStyle Magazine (CAWLM), partnered with AT&T, donated $15,000 to the Lansing Promise.

The Lansing Promise is an award promised to graduates of public and private schools within the Lansing School District, providing the financial assistance necessary to obtain a two-year degree at an eligible school.

“I love this community,” said Tiffany Dowling, President of M3 Group and Publisher of the CAWLM. “Doing great things for our students will only maximize this whole region and what we’re able to do in the future.

A press conference for the check donation was held at AT&T’s Lansing office where Tiffany Dowling, Ruth Faudard (Area Manager External Affairs at AT&T), Andy Schor (State Representative for the Michigan House of Representatives) and Kellie Dean (President of the Lansing Promise Broad) all shared a few words. Footage of press conference below

CAWLM will host the forth annual 80s Flashback Fundraiser at the University Club’s Henry Center on March 22, 2014. Once again, the CAWLM has chosen the Lansing Promise as the event’s beneficiary.

For more details or to purchase tickets to this year’s CAWLM 80s Flashback Fundraiser, visit

Internships: They’re Not Impossible.

Posted February 6, 2014, by

When you’re in college, people mention internships a lot. And by a lot, I mean every day. In every single class you will ever have. Professors will go on about how important they are, how they show you’ve had experience and how they will set you apart from the thousands of other soon-to-be college grads that are all vying for jobs.

As a junior at Michigan State University, I remember thinking that’s all well and good, but how on earth do you get one? These mystical internships that are supposed to be life-changing, door-opening experiences into the job market seemed daunting and quite frankly, impossible. Now as a senior at MSU with only 12 credits left (and currently working on my second internship experience here at M3 Group), I can tell you for a fact that they are not impossible to achieve.  After some tried (and failed) interviews of my own, I compiled a list of my own personal interview tips to help you land an internship.

  1. Do your research. This one is obvious, but in all seriousness extremely important. If you get caught not knowing anything about the company you’re applying for, it won’t look good for you.
  2. Know how to sell yourself. You are different from every other person applying for this position. Now is the chance to show them why. Explain what you like, what you’re good at, and make it marketable.
  3. Dress the part. Know what kind of atmosphere you’ll be working in should you end up accepting the position. Understand that this is an interview; look professional! That means no blue jeans, no sneakers and certainly no graphic T-shirts. Remember that it’s always better to be overdressed than under dressed.
  4. Never underestimate the power of real life interaction. Most people these days want you to apply via the internet. But what about your personality? You can’t effectively sell yourself through an email. Don’t be afraid to stop by in person and chat with someone. Chances are they’ll take five minutes out of the day just because you took the initiative to come visit them (This was how I got my foot in the door here at M3 Group!)
  5. Always say thank you. This is something I think most people overlook. Don’t forget that whoever you’re interviewing with is giving you their time. Time is valuable in the work place, and there’s never enough of it. Always be sure to say thank you after the interview is over. I personally think sending a handwritten note is the best way to thank someone, but it’s up to you and your personal preference. Just know that they will appreciate it, and they will remember you.

Just remember, finding an internship is not impossible. Your chance will come along. And when it does, don’t be afraid to jump.

Super Bowl Sunday

Posted January 30, 2014, by

We’re just a few cold days away from one of the most anticipated yearly sporting events, the Super Bowl.

The Super Bowl has been around since 1967, just over two decades longer than I’ve been around. To say that I’ve watched each of the past 25 Super Bowls would be stretching the truth, but I can guarantee that I haven’t missed a single one since my bedtime was pushed back past kickoff-time.

While talking about the upcoming game with a friend a few days ago and being asked which team I wanted to win, my honest reply was “Not being a big fan of either teams, I just want to see a good game.”

That got me thinking, if I didn’t root for either team all season, why am I so excited to watch the game? The answer to my question is, when I think of the words “Super Bowl” instead of thinking one-handed grabs, shut-down corners and last-second field goals, I tend to think of heading to my Grandparents with my family, a table full of food and complete silence during commercial breaks.

I guess there is something about the tradition of watching the Super Bowl that may actually trump the Super Bowl game itself.

As I mentioned above, commercial breaks are usually the quietest the room gets during most of the Super Bowl parties I’ve been to, which probably makes the brands that are paying $4 million per 30-second spot happy to hear.

So as another Super Bowl Sunday approaches, I asked my co-workers what their favorite Super Bowl commercial was and also – just to see which was more memorable – if they remembered (without the help of Google) who won the game that year.

Enjoy the responses, the clips and this year’s Super Bowl party, food, commercials and game!


Jaime Hardesty

The commercial that always sticks out in my mind is for Budweiser. It is the one with three frogs sitting in a pond. One says “Bud,” one says “Weis” and one says “Er.”

I have no clue who won the game that year.

Year Aired: 1995
Super Bowl Score: San Francisco 49, San Diego 26



Lisa Twenter

Google ad from several years back … 2009 maybe? Searches related to France, ending with the guy getting married to a French lady and starting a family.

Have no idea who even played that year…

Year Aired: 2010
Super Bowl Score: New Orleans Saints 31, Indianapolis Colts 17



Tiffany Dowling

I’m old school so I remember vividly the Apple commercial for Macintosh that launched a billion ideas. 1984 was one of my favorite books so this was extremely memorable at my age. I’m not sure, was there a game that year?

Year Aired: 1984
Super Bowl Score: Los Angeles 38, Washington 9



Emily Caswell

I totally had to look up the ad. I remembered the concept – it was the working for monkeys ad – Careerbuilder. Year 2005

I don’t remember the game, etc.

BUT when I think Super Bowl, I think Janet Jackson wardrobe malfunction. I also had to look up when that happened – 2004.

Year Aired: 2005
Super Bowl Score: New England 24, Philadelphia 21



Kyle Dowling

My favorite is the’s Super Bowl Ad from 2009.

No idea who played.

Year Aired: 2009
Super Bowl Score: Pittsburgh Steelers 27, Arizona Cardinals 23



Virginia Bernero

Because I don’t watch a ton of sports, the most memorable for me was last year. No idea who was playing or who won, but there was that blackout for a period of the game. My favorite was the Oreo “you can still dunk in the dark” ad that was posted on twitter.

I love it so much because it was so relevant, so clever and to me showed awesome collaboration by the team responsible for it.

Year Aired: 2013
Super Bowl Score: Baltimore Ravens 34, San Francisco 49ers 31



Katie Brown

The monkey Budweiser commercials. Not sure who played. Hahaha. They were so FUNNY! Maybe five years ago?

Year Aired: 2004
Super Bowl Score: New England 32, Carolina 29


Jill Bailey

I loved the spot with the little kid in the Darth Vader costume for Volkswagen.

From 2012…I think that the Giants won…

Ami Iceman

The Darth Vader kid. That was great!

No clue the year or the game.

Year Aired: 2012
Super Bowl Score: New York Giants 21, New England Patriots 17



Manny Garcia

I am pretty sure this was a Super Bowl commercial BUT not 100 percent positive….. The Bud Light commercial WASSUP???!!??

No idea of the year or who played in the game.

Skylar Kohagen

You guys seem to be forgetting the most important commercial.

2000 Super Bowl

Rams V. Titans with Rams winning.

Year Aired: 2000
Super Bowl Score: St. Louis 23, Tennessee 16



Kristine Richmond

For sure the best ad was the 2013 ad for Budweiser with the Clydesdale foal. So cute, I cried the first time I saw it.

I don’t follow football, so I don’t remember who played.

Jennifer Hodges

I didn’t remember the commercial Kristine mentioned so I watched and …. I LOVED IT!!!!!  I agree with her.

Year Aired: 2013
Super Bowl Score: Baltimore Ravens 34, San Francisco 49ers 31



Jake Paquin

One of my favorites recently was the Coca-Cola Security Camera commercial. It captured people doing good, silly, brave and honest actions. I really like the copy that went along with each scene as well.

This was shown during last year’s Super Bowl where the Ravens beat the 49ers.

The video cannot be shown at the moment. Please try again later.

Year Aired: 2013
Super Bowl Score: Baltimore Ravens 34, San Francisco 49ers 31


So, what’s your favorite Super Bowl ad? Need help creating a memorable ad? Contact me: our team can help!

Creating in the Clouds

Posted January 28, 2014, by

As most in any creative field are already aware, the Adobe Creative Cloud is here. Adobe decided to turn its industry-standard software collection into a subscription-based model. This change has allowed Adobe to provide constant updates and fixes to their software as well as prevent piracy. At first, it seemed like an unwelcome change to a set of programs that I’ve been using for years. I couldn’t imagine paying monthly for a product that I have just been able to buy outright. However, since the launch of the Adobe Creative Cloud, I’ve come to realize that there are some benefits to embracing the subscription-based model. If this change proves successful for Adobe, it’s likely that other software companies will head in this direction, so I’ve developed a pros and cons list to elaborate on the changes and what they mean for your work.


  • 20GB Cloud storage means your work is always backed up
  • Workspace synching allows for a better workflow between devices
  • New features are constantly being added, so no need to make the costly upgrade to the next version
  • Behance will work seamlessly with Adobe products, allowing you to easily build and publish a portfolio
  • Helpful resources such as Creative Cloud Learn will allow you to access to tons of free tutorials
  • Access to TypeKit’s premium web font library
  • Can be installed on more than one device/machine


  • Cost will become an issue for many. Because of the subscription-based model, you never actually own the software outright. You will continue to pay as long as you run the software and it’s difficult to predict how costs will change in the future.
  • Adobe holds no liability for issues, damage or errors that occur within the software. While this is the case, to some extent, with their desktop software, a cloud-based service poses entirely new risks, such as a failure within the cloud storage system or authentication issues via Adobe’s servers.
  • Access to an internet connection at least once per month is required to authenticate the software. While this isn’t typically a problem for the average user, it presents new conditions under which the software can be used.
  • If Adobe’s subscription-based service is successful, other companies will likely consider the same structure for their software, which could eventually mean having several product subscriptions.

Currently, any user who wants to upgrade beyond Adobe CS6 will have no other option but to move to the cloud. Time will tell if it proves to be a successful model.

Security Tips for Selling, Trashing or a Stolen Computer

Posted January 7, 2014, by

Recently I’ve been in the situation where computers have been stolen. Not only is the robbery itself very invasive and rough to deal with, but now that our entire lives are on our computers and phones it’s very important to be mindful when you either sell the device, it gets stolen or you need to get rid of it.

If you are throwing away a computer:

Destroy your Hard Drive. Simply throwing it in the trash will not work if someone comes along and takes it. They can recover data and possibly sensitive information.

If you are selling your computer:

When you sell a computer you most likely can’t destroy the hard drive, but it can be wiped of all information. Most new computers/laptops have simple ways to restore or wipe it to factory settings. Be mindful to wipe the computer and not use Window’s “System Restore.” Older computers may require you to do some searching to see how to wipe the computer. You may also be able to completely reformat your hard drive, but you could lose all data including the Operating System. This may not be the best if you are trying to sell.

Now the big one: if it has been stolen:

Obviously this is the most malicious so you need to be very careful with what data has been stolen. First and foremost, if you don’t have the serial numbers of your computer(s) written down, write it down now. The more information you have on what was stolen, the better it will be for the police to locate it and return it.

You need to sign out your current account sessions. What I mean is, for Facebook and Gmail you can sign out any active sessions. I personally have my computer logged into Gmail at all times, so when I go to the website I don’t enter my password, same with Facebook. In Gmail, you can scroll to the bottom of your inbox and click ‘Details.’For Facebook, go into your security settings and you should see Active Sessions.

You also need to begin changing passwords for your online accounts – if you have ever told your browser to remember your password it is saved to your computer and the thief will be able to get a hold of any information available with those accounts. Your most important passwords are for your main email address. If they have access to your main email they have access to any accounts tied to that email. Even if you don’t think you had a password saved to your computer CHANGE IT ANYWAY! I doubt most people have unique passwords to all your account (I know I don’t).

Having your computer Password Protected is very beneficial when a computer is stolen. Just having a password keeps your files pretty safe from the average thief. Having backups not on your computer is also helpful for transitioning to a new PC.

Give Back, Get More

Posted December 26, 2013, by

About a month ago I waited in the drive-through line for my morning coffee, feeling rushed and running late for work. When I pulled up to the window, I was ready to hand over my coupon and credit card and carry on my way, but when I turned to the employee, she told me that the gentleman in front of me had paid for my drink. Suddenly, I didn’t feel so rushed.

Honestly as silly as it may sound, I was overwhelmed with joy. Like, ear-to-ear, smiling-till-my-cheeks-hurt joy. What a simple yet wonderful thing to do for someone you don’t even know. The stress melted away and, in a single moment, a complete stranger had changed my entire outlook on the day.

I will never get to thank that man (unless he’s reading this right now, and if so, thank you), but what I can do is pay it forward and give that same feeling to someone else.

I’ve made it a goal to find a little extra money each month to give back in a small way. Not for the thank you, but for the feeling I hope it gives the person who receives it.

Sometimes during the Holidays the push to donate and get involved can be overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. Find little ways to give back all year because, even if you’re wallet is tight, just remember you can make the guy behind you in the drive-through’s day a little brighter.

Here are five ways to give a little:

  1. Buy a coffee for the guy behind you in the drive-through and start his day off right
  2. Tape a scratch-off lotto ticket to the gas pump for the next patron to find (and maybe win)
  3. Hide a few dollars around the dollar store so child can have a new toy
  4. Buy the soldier at the table next to you his meal, because he does so much
  5. Sneak a tasty treat in to your co-worker’s desk so he or she has a sweet surprise  for later

This holiday season spread some joy and give back, even just a little, and I promise you’ll get so much more in return.

Attaching Multiple Images to a Facebook Post

Posted December 17, 2013, by

Facebook is constantly working on ways to better their social site by making updates – big or small. Some of their updates are small enough that they may go unnoticed, such as adding the direct comment reply feature. Others are big enough to cause users to boycott the site (until they accept the change and move on), like the introduction to Facebook’s Timeline.

As a Social Media Manager, I usually notice most updates before reading about them on informational sites like Mashable. One new feature that I really enjoy and am glad Facebook finally made is the ability to upload multiple images to a Facebook post without creating an album.

Why I like this Facebook update:

  1. Avoiding Another Album: Albums are nice for events, portfolios and more, but there are times when I want to upload multiple images to my timeline without creating a new album first. Since fans can search a page’s images by albums, it is nice to keep organized and only create an album when necessary.
  2. Increasing Reach: As explained in the blog, Facebook Edgerank: The Newsfeed Algorithm, posts with photos carry the most weight in Facebook’s Edgerank. Being able to add multiple images to a single post will help increase the weight of your post.
  3. Quick and Easy: Uploading multiple images to a post takes very little extra work. Simply upload as many images as you want – all within one status.
  4. Add Descriptions: Once you post your status, you can then add a description to each photo, including who you were with, where the photo was taken and when the photo was taken.

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10 Tips for Taking ‘Man on the Street’ Surveys

Posted December 12, 2013, by

As an employee of M3 Group, a full-service branding agency who also produces and publishes two local magazines (Capital Area Women’s LifeStyle Magazine and The Greater Lansing Business Monthly), I am, at times, asked to write articles or contribute to stories in other ways. One monthly feature that The Greater Lansing Business Monthly publishes is a ‘Man on the Street’ survey.

If you are new to interviewing people on the street, I put together some tips to make your time asking ‘Man on the Street’ survey questions more productive and a good experience for everybody.

  1. Always be polite, being nice is more likely to get you responses
  2. Don’t chase people down the street for an answer
  3. Keep your questions relatively short and be sure to prepare them beforehand
  4. Let the person talk, nobody likes to be interrupted
  5. Happy people are the most likely to answer questions
  6. People in groups are less likely to stop and answer
  7. Never interrupt people on the phone
  8. People with headphones don’t usually want to be disturbed
  9. Take short notes to respect people’s time
  10. Choose a place where people frequently walk

5 Reasons I am Thankful for Cyber Monday

Posted December 10, 2013, by

It’s that time of the year again to get out and spend some money on your family and friends for the holiday season.

As we all know, the best deals come right after Thanksgiving weekend. Unfortunately, that is because the weekend after Thanksgiving is Black Friday.

As the inexperienced shopper that I am, I have a hard enough time navigating the mall on a slow Tuesday afternoon, let alone on a crazy Black Friday. In fact, while at the mall, I usually find myself wandering the food court or riding the escalators.

Needless to say, I have never ventured out on a Black Friday in hopes to get a deal on a gift that I’d like to give. However, that doesn’t mean I don’t envy those who do go out and get that sweet deal.

Luckily for me, and those with similar shopping habits, we too can receive great deals thanks to Cyber Monday.

Here are 5 reasons that I am thankful for Cyber Monday.

  1. The ability to compare product prices between two stores by clicking the tab to the left as apposed to driving 10 miles to the South.
  2. As much as I’d like to take the store employee’s word for it, it is his/her job to sell and talk up the store’s product, whereas online customer reviews are from consumers just like you and me.
  3. Being able to shop in sweatpants with the game on in the background. (You may be able to get away with this at BestBuy – though they may ask you to leave before the final buzzer.)
  4. This isn’t a guarantee, but it is more likely that an online store has the size and color in stock than at the store itself.
  5. When your shopping is complete, instead of carrying countless bags to your car in the cold, all you need to carry is your empty coffee mug to the kitchen sink.

I wish all small businesses much success this holiday season and remember, though it is great to get people into your store, there are people like me who simply want to shop in their home, online.

If you are a business in need of a website makeover in order to add ecommerce software to your site, give us a shout, we can help!

Five Reasons Second Graders Rule

Posted December 5, 2013, by

I don’t remember a ton from second grade. I remember I had tights with little pink hearts on them that I loved and begged to wear every day. I remember I thought my teacher had a crush on the art teacher. I remember that my mom told my sister and I that she was having another baby.

It’s these memories (and the fact that I do have memories from the second grade) that come to mind on Tuesday mornings as I pull into the parking lot of a local elementary school to serve as a Junior Achievement (JA) volunteer. For five weeks a year, I get to play teacher as I talk to second graders about their community.

If you don’t know, JA is a nonprofit organization that invites volunteers into K-12 classrooms to talk about various topics including government, entrepreneurship and more.

Although my school didn’t have JA, I do remember that any adult who comes into the classroom, who isn’t the teacher, is automatically cool. I try to use that knowledge to my advantage as I teach the students about the different jobs available in the community, a little bit about how our government works and more.

Instead of heading into the classroom this week on Tuesday morning, I attended my third Starmaker’s breakfast, which is an annual fundraising event for JA and the way I found out about this awesome organization in the first place.

I am fortunate enough to work for a company that highly values giving back to our community and therefore allows me to take time away from the office to participate in JA.

And while I hope the students are getting something out of our conversations I have to admit that I get so much out of teaching that I can’t imagine not doing it. Here are five reasons second graders rule:

  1. Last week one student gave me a drawing of a Christmas tree, which inspired five other students to also give me holiday-inspired drawings, which are decorating my office now.
  2. I’m guaranteed a hug every time I walk into the classroom.
  3. The things they say can honestly keep me laughing all day long.
  4. Kids are easy to please. Give them each a sticker or a piece of candy and you’d think they won the lottery.
  5. No matter if they’ve thought about it before, each and every one of the students tells me they want to be a writer when they grow up, because I’m a writer. Talk about making you feel like a rock star!