Become a Publisher – Reevaluating Tactics in the Marketing World

Hosting a radio program has enabled me to do more research than ever before about marketing, the constant changes that being a leader in the area can bring about to your work place, and how you must invest the time and energy to gain acceptance and re-acceptance of your clients. What must we do to move them forward?

The variety of options for customer marketing, engagement and implementation ranges from social media to SEO (Search Engine Optimization), to email marketing to online advertising; trust me, it can be overwhelming. Content-rich online marketing changes everything and the results can be huge. One of the most common marketing questions we hear from the client side is, “When is it time to change tactics?”

One might suggest that the answer is through the intersection and/or integration of social media, SEO and content marketing. When social media and SEO are brought together like salmon and wasabi, then content becomes the rice holding everything together, and the perfect sushi is formed. Content is essential to a social media strategy, and understanding this is a part of the customer-centric social content and is absolutely required.

Social media statistics suggest that Google handles about 88 billion searches each month. YouTube is the second most popular. Facebook now has more than 600 million users. Twitter has nearly 200 million accounts. LinkedIn is at 101 million users and FourSquare grew 3,400 percent in 2010.

Consumers don’t seem to be engaged by the old traditional interruptive marketing. Perhaps it’s their desire to become more educated about behaviors, and information consumption and sharing have changed as a result. B2B (Business to Business) and B2C (Business to Consumers) customers both demand and expect to seek out information via a search. They also expect to become engaged with the findings of the search.

Today a lot of corporate marketing is structured to create content around products and services and not around becoming a publisher, which is a large part of what you become when you proactively create content for your social media platforms. Does this lead to the idea of tactical change involving a content-marketing program? It should, and the superabundance of publishing tools and alternative stages now make it possible for companies to brand and create content with media that challenges some broadcast communications companies.

Companies must now retool their content-marketing strategy utilizing social media and SEO. These strategies must be used in order to reach the customer expectations with frequency in an integrated format that increases reach through discovery, consumption and sharing. In addition, the integration of the social media and SEO will enlighten, and could easily bring about a cogent decision to buy.

It is my opinion, that organizations that embrace this concept should outshine and outlast their competition by taking the lead in the race to become the most successful marketing marathoner around.

Editor’s Note: This post was written by M3′s new Executive Producer. Taylor is also co-host of Michigan in Motion on the Michigan Business Network.

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