A Look Back at #MeetMichigan

A year ago, around this time, the Special Props team (short for Special PR Opportunities) at M3 set out to meet Michigan. And that is exactly what they did.

In 11 days, M3 traveled across Michigan to all 83 counties in its #MeetMichigan wrapped minivan.

Along the way, M3 sent out hundreds of tweets, posted regular Facebook updates and published a handful of blogs.

The purpose of the trip was to show how the idea of local is changing, spread positivity for the state and showcase the power of social media for businesses great and small.

The 4,075-mile trip did just that! Connecting with more than 100 new Twitter followers recommending and influencing many of the stops along the way.

M3 was proud and happy with the results they saw at the end of the trip. However, we weren’t the only ones who thought this social media campaign was a success, as it brought two new pieces of hardware to the M3 office.

The #MeetMichigan campaign earned M3 an Earnies Award for the category “We Can’t Believe That Worked” and a PACE award in the Shoestring Budget category!

Here is a quick look back on last year’s journey to meet Michigan. Enjoy!

Video edited by Thomas Shaver

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