5 More Tips to Help Your Business Facebook Page

Posted February 19, 2013, by

I recently wrote a blog that shared five helpful tips on taking your company’s Facebook page to the next level. And I’m here again to share five more helpful tips to enhance your business’ profile page.


You can give your fans the option to write on your wall, while at the same time assuring that their comments won’t easily be visible to other fans.

This is a nice option to have if you aren’t closely monitoring your fan’s postings or if you don’t want others to view what has been posted to your page by other fans.

To remove the “Recent Post by Others” Box:
- On the top right of the page, click ‘Edit Page.’
- In the dropdown menu, select ‘Manage Permissions.’
- Uncheck the box that reads, ‘Show the box for Recent Post by Others on the top of COMPANY NAME.’


The boxes beneath your cover photo aren’t set-in-stone. You have the option to rearrange and add boxes; as well as the ability to change the name and image associated with the box.

To edit boxes:
- Click on the down arrow to the right of the boxes.
- Mouse over the box you wish to edit and click the pencil icon.
- The dropdown menu will provide you with a list of editable options.


You have the option to make a post stand out more by highlighting it, which stretches it across the entire width of your wall.

To highlight a post:
- Mouse over the post you wish to highlight.
- Click on the star icon.


You can share another company page for your fans to see on your profile. This would be beneficial to those who have pages related to their own.

To share another page:
- Navigate to the page you want to share.
- Click on the cog icon.
- In the dropdown menu, click ‘Share’.


As a company page, you not only have the option to LIKE other pages, but you can highlight your likes for your fans to see. You have the option to choose up to five pages to feature on your profile page.

To create a featured likes list:
- On the top right of the page, click ‘Edit Page.’
- In the dropdown menu, select ‘Update Info.’
- On the left sidebar, click ‘Featured.’
- Click ‘Create Featured Likes.’
- Select up to five pages that you would like to feature on your profile page.
- Click ‘Save.’

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